Tom and Jerry Finding The Cheese Unblocked

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How To Play:

Tom and Jerry Finding The Cheese

Tom and Jerry Finding The Cheese

How good are in the observation of details in the pictures?

In this Tom and Jerry game your task will be to find differences in two almost the same but different images. At the beginning of the game you will see a picture of Tom and Jerry, you will see two identical pictures and your task will be to find the appropriate number of differences between the pictures, when you see the difference you need to click with your mouse on it, but be careful not to make a mistake because every time you make a mistake

you lose 25 points every time you guess you get bonus points so be sure to make the best score! Keep track of the time because you are limited in time, which means that you need to quickly find all difference because if you’re late it’s game over for you. Prove that you have what it takes, find all the differences and get the best score. Good Luck !


Use mouse to play.

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