Tom and Jerry Math Challenge Unblocked

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How To Play:

Tom and Jerry Math Challenge


This Tom and Jerry is a game of knowledge, specifically math game which means that you have to give as many correct answers in order to get away from Tom that constantly chasing you!

Fans of Tom and Jerry Games get ready for a brain teaser because it’s time to count, add and subtract! Every time you give the correct answer Jerry will be a step ahead of Tom, who was chasing him, but every time you give an incorrect answer Jerry will slow down, if you give a lot of wrong answers Tom will catch Jerry, and you lose the game so be sure to give the correct answers as much as you can, pay attention at the time because you are limited in time, which means you need to quickly calculate. Mathematicians ready and prove how good you are at math and save Jerry from Tom who constantly chases him! In the lower right corner you’ll see a task and two or three offered solutions your job is to click with your mouse

on the solution that you think it’s right.. Good luck and have fun.


Use mouse to play.

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