Tom And Jerry Refriger-Ators Unblocked

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How To Play:

Tom And Jerry Refriger-Ators

Tom And Jerry Refriger-Ators

Are you ready to have fun with your favorite cartoon heroes, Tom and Jerry!

At the beginning of the game, select the character who you want to play, you can choose Tom or Jerry, the choice is yours. Your task if you pick Tom is to throw balloons at Jerry and Nibbles, but be careful you can miss only five times so try to hit every time.

If you pick Jerry your task will be to pick up and drop food to a hungry Nibbles using spacebar.

The higher the drop the more points you can get but be careful if Tom hits you three times that is game over for you. We wish you great adventure and good fun in this Tom and Jerry game!



Use arrow keys to move.

Spacebar-throw water balloons.

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