Tom and Jerry Steal Cheese Unblocked

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How To Play:

Tom and Jerry Steal Cheese

Tom and Jerry Steal Cheese


Join your favorite cartoon heroes and go in this fantastic Tom and Jerry adventure!

Before you is the challenging 20 levels, each next level will be more difficult and demanding than the previous one so be sure and give your best! The aim of this game is to help Jerry to reach a cheese, in order to do that you need to hit the ball that Tom fire from

the gun, take good aim in the direction in which it is Jerry , assessing the extent of impact and fire, when the ball hits Jerry he will roll over to the cheese and you can start the next level in which your task will be the same. Be careful, you only have three attempts because if you miss it all you starts from the beginning of the level. Good Luck !


Use mouse to fire the ball.

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